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Aluminium rolling

Total Lubricants offers a comprehensive range of fluids for all your aluminium rolling applications. Our products optimize machining accuracy, increase efficiency and help extend the service life of your equipment. Our world-class high-performance product range can improve productivity and increase customer satisfaction.


Key range

Lubrilam S: Cold rolling oil

  • Low aromatic compounds
  • High flash point

Lubrilam Add: Performance additive concentrates for rolling oils.
Lubrilam Cleaner H1: Scrubbing oil for fume recovery systems (NFS H1 approval).

Alu offer

Azolla AL: Non-staining hydraulic oil suitable for incidental food contact (NFS H1 approval).
Carter ALS: Non-staining enclosed gear lubricant for back-up rolls.
Martol FMO: Food grade lubricant for pre-lubrification before stamping and deep drawing in aluminium packaging production (NSF 3H approval).
Martol EV 10 CF
Fast vanishing oil for tension levelling
Lubrilam Bio: Bio-based cold rolling oil

  • Low aromatic compounds
  • High flash point

Vulsol 5000 range: Chlorine free sprayable neat oil for roll grinding.
Valona MQL: Synthetic fluid for edge trimming and scalping


As a world market leader in industrial lubricants, Total is positioned to bring you the most innovative and effective products. By collaborating with manufacturers, we constantly deepen and expand our expertise in the field of lubricants and specialist products for the aluminium rolling industry.


Total Lubrifiants ensure that the unique constraints and needs of manufacturers in the aluminium sector are met not only through our expertise in the field, but through our global presence. With Total, you're assured of getting ongoing local support.